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Enjoy online health, wellness, and fitness classes to help you stay healthy and motivated--without leaving home.

How does it work?

Once your BurnAlong account is created, you get access to our entire library of video health and wellness classes. You can exercise on your own, or with a coworker or friend (who you can see and hear on the screen as well).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Get Motivated! Get Healthier!

"I can work out in the convenience of my home, take a variety of classes, choose when I want to exercise, invite friends to work out with me and wear whatever I want (mismatched socks, check!) while burning off my post-baby weight. I’m feeling more energetic, stronger and happier!  Thank you BurnAlong for the quality and choices of classes."

Dana S. - BurnAlong User 


How does it help me?

Kaiser Permanente is partnering with BurnAlong to help make it easier for you to stay healthy. BurnAlong gives you an easy and motivating way to exercise, no matter where you are.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE. Kaiser Permanente is taking care of the full cost of BurnAlong and giving you unlimited access. Create your account today to take advantage of this benefit.

Can my family join?

Absolutely! You can add up to 6 users for free, included with your BurnAlong account.

Simply login to your BurnAlong account

- Go to "My Profile"

- Scroll down and "Add Free User"

Can I get BurnAlong on my T.V.?

Yes! BurnAlong is not an app on your T.V. but you can cast from the BurnAlong app to your T.V.

Access BurnAlong on any device.

Plus invite up to 6 friends and family members to join you for a workout! 

  • Connect with your military-connected friends. 

  • Work out with your favorite gym partners.

  • Take a class with a deployed spouse or family member no matter where they are.

  • Host a night of friends where you work out virtually.

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