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Record and share your classes online to reach new members and build stronger relationships with the ones you already have.

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“My members love taking my classes on BurnAlong. Now, even if they’re traveling or don’t have time to come to the studio, they can still work out with me.” 
— Charlie Bauer, Prana Studio


Reach new members


Recording and sharing your classes on the BurnAlong platform exposes you to thousands of users looking for a great workout. You’ll get paid for every online class they attend!

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Build better relationships with your existing members

Now, your members don’t have to miss your classes just because they can’t make it to your studio that day. Deliver more value to your members with online classes.

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“From big-box gyms to other studios, we have competitors on every corner. BurnAlong helps our small business stand out and compete.” 
— Jennifer Lynn, Fit Philosophie


BurnAlong is easy to setup and 
completely free for partners.

It’s the easiest way to build a profitable online extension of your gym or studio.

How does it work?

BurnAlong pays fitness partners for video views, so how much you make is up to you. You don’t need any fancy camera equipment. In fact, more than 60% of our partners record their classes using a smartphone and a $10 microphone! Setup takes less than ten minutes, and you’ll be ready to record.

Is it really free?

Yes! BurnAlong is completely free for our fitness partners. We charge students a small monthly fee of $14.99 to access videos on the platform, but as a partner, we’ll set you up with a 40% discount for your existing members. Plus, you’ll get paid when members take your classes!

How much can I make?

BurnAlong pays fitness partners for minutes viewed, so how much you make is up to you. We provide marketing support and promotional materials, and we’ll do our best to help you turn BurnAlong into a valuable new revenue stream for your business!

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