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Create a happier and healthier workforce with BurnAlong

Partnering with BurnAlong makes it easier than ever for employees to exercise anytime, anywhere

“What stands out most is how much BurnAlong has increased employee engagement. People share the workouts they like with one another, and draw ideas and motivation to exercise from their colleagues.” 

RJ Canning, Director — The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults



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How does it work?

Once an employee’s BurnAlong account is created, they get access to our entire library of video workouts. They can exercise on their own, or with a coworker or friend (who they can see and hear on the screen as well).

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Give your employees access to great workouts anytime, anywhere

Employees can access online video classes from hundreds of gyms and studios (plus nutritionists, mindfulness coaches and more), on demand, on their phones, computers and tablets.

Great for remote teams, too!

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BurnAlong partners see lower healthcare costs

By letting employees (and their families) access classes whenever they want - whether in the office, at home, or on the road - organizations see increased engagement, and because of that, lower healthcare costs and fewer sick days taken.

“Our employees spend a lot of time outside of the office, and BurnAlong makes it easy for them to exercise wherever they are, without any equipment needed. They're exercising more! Our team loves it!”

Kim Theobald, Director of Human Resources
— Clearview Group

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it help teams?

Research shows that healthier employees are more productive, creative and resilient. BurnAlong gives your team an easy and motivating way to exercise, no matter where they are. Our partners report happier employees and increased engagement.

How much setup is involved?

Very little! BurnAlong requires no systems integration, and your organization’s account can be setup in just a few hours. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

“BurnAlong has been a great addition to our benefits package for our employees. We expect a lot from our employees and we encourage them to take great care of themselves. We want healthy, happy, engaged employees. With BurnAlong, busy employees can work daily exercise into their schedules at times that fit their needs. The selection of classes and the quality of instructors are fantastic.”

Elizabeth Jackson, VP of Human Resources
— Baltimore Ravens

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