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Instead of sharing exercises on paper or sending patients to online videos from other therapists, BurnAlong lets you easily film, upload and share your own PT exercises online.

You'll build stronger connections with your patients, and better keep them on track!

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“One of my biggest challenges is making sure that my patients stay motivated and committed to their home exercises. BurnAlong makes that easy by letting them watch my sessions from home, and see exactly what they should be doing.”— Chris Kopp, PT, OCS, Clinic Director


Deliver Better Physical Therapy


Your patients trust you more than a random therapist online, and they're more likely to stick to their plan if they can do their exercises while watching you on video. 

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Grow your Physical Therapy business

Having your patients follow you on BurnAlong gives you an easy way to extend the relationship after their initial therapy is complete. You'll get paid for viewers watching your videos.

Plus, you'll be seen by thousands of BurnAlong users looking to improve their health, exposing you to potential new patients.

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“From big-box gyms to other studios, we have competitors on every corner. BurnAlong helps our small business stand out and compete.” 
— Jennifer Lynn, Fit Philosophie


BurnAlong is EASY to setup and completely free for partners.

It’s the easiest way to build a profitable online extension of your PT practice.

How does it work?

BurnAlong pays wellness partners for video views, so how much you make is up to you. You don’t need any fancy camera equipment. In fact, more than 60% of our partners film their classes using a smartphone and a $10 microphone! Setup takes less than ten minutes, and you’ll be ready to record.

Is it really free?

Yes! BurnAlong is completely free for our wellness partners. We charge students a small monthly fee of $14.99 to access videos on the platform, but as a partner, we’ll set you up with a 40% discount for your existing members. Plus, you’ll get paid when members take your classes!

How much can I make?

BurnAlong pays wellness partners for video views, so how much you make is up to you. We provide marketing support and promotional materials, and we’ll do our best to help you turn BurnAlong into a valuable new revenue stream for your business!

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“BurnAlong helped me get back into working out after having a baby. I can fit it in at my convenience, and scheduling classes with my friends means I won’t skip out. — Chrissa T, Boston